How HR Manager will satisfy employee

by Hardik Patel (@Funclub) Thursday, January 19, 2017
Wife : Lets go for a dinner tonight.
Husband (HR Manager) Ok.
Husband : Should we go to a cheaper restaurant ? 
Wife : No. Let's go to Royal Palace hotel.
Husband : (silence for a minute) - Ok, See you at 7.O 'Clock.
On the way, around 6.30 pm...
Husband : Once upon a time, I had pani puri competition with my sister and she ate 30 pani-puris and defeated me.
Wife : What's so difficult in it?
Husband : Defeating me in Pani-puri eating competition is so difficult.
Wife : I can easily beat you.
Husband : Please leave it. It's not your cup of tea.
Wife : Let us have that competition right now.
Husband : So you want to see yourself defeated?
Wife : Let's see.
They both stop at a Pani-puri stall and start eating...
After about 30 Pani-puris the husband gave up. 
The wife was also full, but to defeat her husband, she ate one more and shouted, "You lose."
The bill was Rs 50/- and wife was back home and happy as she won the bet.

Moral : 
Main aim of a HR Manager is to satisfy employee with minimum investments. Winning attitude with less investment, ensuring strong Return On Investment!