Dreaming of you! Good night message

by Richa Sharma (@Funclub) Monday, October 26, 2015
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As I drift into sleep,
its beauty I see,
swirls of light
surrounding me.

The guardian of dreams,
guides each step,
as I enter the world
where dreams are kept.

A land of beauty,
that has no end,
a place where we meet,
and our dreams blend.

Opening my eyes
I’m touched by grace,
as I find you waiting
in this magical place.

This world of color
in starlight glow,
entwines our souls
as our dreams flow.

Beautiful heart wishes
that two hearts pursue,
from dreams to reality,
forever to come true.

In the shine of moonlight,
and starlight gleams,
we’ll meet in that place,
of our forever loving dreams.

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